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Here you will find information on:-
Designing, building and running steam engines.
Some basics of engineering.
Facts and trivia on various topics.
Some charts and tables.
A few pictures.
Have fun!

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What size should a safety valve be?
How do you build a copper boiler?
How do you calculate the power of an engine?
What is the right size for the gap in a piston ring?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found here.

Based upon notes made and information gathered during almost 40 years of building models and working on steam engines, it is hoped that some of this information will be both useful and interesting to others.

This website "project" originated started during Christmas 2000 when I decided to put many of my hand-written notes, charts and tables onto computer.
One friend asked for copies of some charts, and suggested that they might be useful to other people.
I mentioned one of them on the model engineering list, and the response encouraged me to make them more widely available.
From that point on, this site has, like Topsy, just "growed

The charts can be printed and laminated to withstand use and abuse in the workshop.
Some of the content is very old and is probably outdated, but may still be interesting, if only to see how things were done in the past.

As the information is from a wide variety of original sources,
I make no guarantee of accuracy
(or mistakes I might have made in transcribing) so please check before use.
Remember the old saying, measure twice and cut once!

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This site will be updated and more content added as frequently as time permits.

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