CES (College Engineering Supply) rotary table.

Chris Crosskey makes the following comments.

.this isn't really an error, just a caveat....when you drill and ream the  3/4@ hole for the worm eccentric and try to put the work through you may find that it interferes on the inside of the worm chamber whilst
installing,  You need to be prepared to use a slot drill to take about 1/16" off the inside of the worm
chamber for it to go in through.

They suggest that  you mill a slot 13/64 wide to be a clearance for a 3/8 bolt, indeed they
do it several times as it's the slots for mounting the thing onto cross-slides, machine tables etc. Looking at the lugs the 3/8 might well be correct for some people but would be a bit on the big side for a Myford, so they might  mean 3/16, which would make sense for 13/64